Vegetable Puree with Kohlrabi and  Broccoli

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3 c. kohlrabi, peeled, sliced

2 T. vegetarian bouillon

2 c. broccoli; stems and florets, sliced

2 tsp. flour

1 c. watercress, packed

c. milk

tsp. marjoram



Steam the kohlrabi 10 minutes, add broccoli stems.  Steam 10 min., add broccoli florets.  Steam an additional 10 minutes.  Place watercress and marjoram in a small skillet with the bouillon.  Cook, stirring , over low heat just till the watercress is wilted.  Add the flour and continue stirring over low heat, 2 min.  Place watercress in blender with milk and half the steamed veggies.  Process on low to medium speed until smooth.  Remove from blender and place in a serving dish.