Tomato Bread Salad with Herbs

(from Gourmet Magazine 8/96)


1 T. red wine vinegar (or basalmic)

lb. yellow tomatoes, wedges

1 garlic clove, minced

c. Nicoise or Kalamata olives

c. extra-virgin olive oil

c. fresh basil leaves, chopped fine

2 c. crusty bread, cubes, ie.Ciabatta

1 T. fresh marjoram, chopped fine

lb. red tomatoes, wedges

Feta cheese


In a bowl, whisk together vinegar, garlic (mashed to a paste with a pinch of salt), and pepper to taste and whisk in oil until emulsified. Add remaining ingredients and salt to taste and toss to combine well. Let salad stand at room temperature 15 minutes to allow bread to soak up some dressing. Serves 4.