Tangine Of Beef With Tomatoes, Zucchini And Olives

Naomi Thomasee


Oil 3 TBSP

2 tsp ground cumin

1 onion chopped

Ĺ tsp ground black pepper

1 Ĺ lb lean beef chuck chopped into 2 in chunks

3 med zucchini halved and cut into slices

2 lb tomatoes cubed ( I peeled them)

8 oz Moroccan olives drained rinsed and pitted. I used black and green, you can use less if you donít have that many as these were very good but it made it a bit salty. I donít think those plastic canned Mexican type olives are acceptable!

20 sprigs cilantro bundled and tied

20 fresh parsley sprigs minced

ĺ tsp salt (not needed in my opinion)

Ĺ cup beef broth if needed


Heat oven to 400deg F


- Med Dutch oven or casserole dish heat oil over med heat, brown meat and onions.


- Add tomatoes, cilantro, cumin and pepper. Cover tightly bake for 50 to 60 min. Remove cilantro and discard.


- Add zucchini, minced parsley to the beef tomato mix. If the dish is too dry add broth, I think I will add it next time, as the juice/ sauce is very good. Return pan to oven cover and bake 35 min more until zucchini is tender. Serve with crusty bread, we served with couscous too.