Strawberry Asparagus Salad


2 lb asparagus spears

2 ounces blue cheese  

½ pound thickly sliced strawberries






1/4 C.  sugar

1/8 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

2 T. vinegar

3/4 tsp. grated onion

1 T. poppy seed

1/4 C. salad oil

1/8 tsp. paprika

2 tsp. sesame oil


Cook asparagus spears just until they can be stuck with a fork.  (Don’t overcook.)  Cool.  Leave asparagus whole or cut into 2” pieces and arrange on serving dish. 


Make the dressing.  Shake or blend all ingredients except the oil, until sugar dissolves. Then, blend in the two oils.


Just before serving add dressing.  Top with thickly sliced strawberries and a little more dressing.  Sprinkle with blue cheese   Serves 10-12.