Spinach Risotto

Campbell’s Nutrition Center


5 cups water or organic chicken or vegetable broth

2 ½ cups Arborio rice

1 bag (or 10 oz. torn large spinach) organic baby spinach

2 stalks organic celery, including leaves, cut into tiny pieces

      Sea salt and organic black pepper, to taste

¼ cup organic white wine or broth

3 tbsp. organic extra-virgin olive oil

2 oz. grated pecorino romano cheese or other aged skim milk cheese

1 large red Bermuda onion, finely chopped



Measure the water or broth into a large pot.  Add the spinach, salt and pepper.  Stir to combine, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat.  Immediately turn off the heat and keep the spinach broth covered on the stove.


Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-low heat.  Add the onion.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes, or until the onion has softened. 


Add the rice and celery.  Cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.  Add the wine and cook, stirring constantly for several seconds until the wine is absorbed.


Add 1 cup of the spinach broth.  Stir well to combine.  Cook, stirring constantly, for about 2 minutes, or until the rice absorbs the broth.


Add another half-cup of the spinach broth.  Cook, stirring constantly, for about 2 minutes, or until the rice absorbs the broth.  The stirring should break up the spinach further into smaller pieces.  Continue adding the remaining spinach broth, a half-cup at a time, stirring continuously for 2 minutes after each addition, or until the broth is absorbed.  The risotto should be barely tender, thick, and creamy when done.  Stir in the cheese.  Taste for seasonings.