Elsie Tedescoís Salad Dressing


Bowl of favorite greens, washed and dried (use salad spinner or towel dry)

2-3 T. herbal, wine, balsamic, raspberry, or other favorite vinegar

1-2 T. salad oil

Salt and pepper

Onions, cucumbers, peppers, etc



The greens must be dry or it wonít work. 


Drizzle the oil over the greens with any other additions that you want, such as onions, cucumbers, etc.  Donít add tomatoes yet. 


With clean hands, gently toss/massage the salad greens until they are well coated with the oil.  Sprinkle with seasonings, salt, pepper, add tomatoes. 


Drizzle the vinegar of choice over the greens.  Toss.  Serve immediately.