Curried Squash & Mushroom Soup

(Moosewood Cookbook)


2 med. acorn or butternut squash        

½ tsp coriander      

1 C orange juice                         

2 ½ C water or stock         

¾ tsp. ground ginger                          

½ tsp. cinnamon 

½ C chopped onion                    

2 T. butter      

1 clove crushed garlic                 

¼ tsp. dry mustard  

few dashes cayenne     

1 ¼ tsp. salt

6 oz. sliced mushrooms



Split the squash lengthwise and bake face-down in a 375 degree oven on an oiled tray, 30 minutes or until soft.  Cool and scoop out the flesh (about 3 c.).  Put it in blender with water or stock and purée until smooth.  Combine in a saucepan with the orange juice. 


Heat the butter in a skillet and add garlic, onion, salt, and spices.  Sauté until the onion is very soft.  Add mushrooms, cover, and cook 10 minutes. 


Add the sauté to the squash, scraping the skillet well to salvage all the good stuff.  Heat everything together very gently.  Season to taste.  You may add some fresh-squeezed lemon juice if deemed too sweet.